Sunday, March 8, 2015

a real life conversation

after just waking up i walked to the boys' room to check on them. graham was awake but still lying in bed so i crawled in next to him. he started whispering to me...

graham: mommy, i have a joke for you. well, it's kind of a riddle.

me: ok.

graham: how do you put a hippo in a frigerator?

me: i have no idea.

graham: you open the door, stuff him in, then close the door.

me: [skeptical about this riddle]: oh, i see!

graham: how do you put a giraffe in a frigerator?

me: um, you open the door, stuff him in, then close the door?

graham: yes, except you have to pull the hippo out first.

me: oh, of course.

graham: mommy, there's a river. there's a sign that says "beware alligators" and the bridge is out. how do you get across?

me: you jump?

graham: no, you swim because the alligators are at a party.

me [smiling]: that's pretty clever, graham.

graham: who can't cross the river?

me: i don't know. buddy.

graham: the giraffe! because he's stuck in the frigerator!

here are a few cute word-mishaps harrison has said lately...

"give me those cards! staff!"  (he meant to say STAT)
"don't temper me with cookies"  (he meant to say TEMPT)
"we need a new suspenders"  (he meant to say SUSPENSION for the car)

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