Thursday, January 23, 2014

things i've enjoyed lately

because it's thursday and snowy outside and it took me three times longer to get home from preschool drop-off than it should have because of icy roads and silly drivers, i feel as though my energies would be wasted on laundry and bed-making and am, therefore, going to share with you a few links that have made an impression recently.

THIS VIDEO made me laugh so hard i couldn't breathe. i watched it alot.

THIS VIDEO explains why it is so dang hard for me to quit sugar!

loved the non-judging, all-loving concept behind this post.

"to have your hands full is a ludicrous blessing" - oh if i could always think like this!

amos lee. with the colorado symphony. at red rocks. on a lovely colorado summer night. i cannot imagine anything better.  (thank you to my musically in-the-know friend, debbie, for this heads up!)

if you need a therapy that really calms the heart - beautiful as always, miss ann voskamp. and so very needed!

love THIS. want to print, frame and hang in our bedroom at the condo.

this TED talk made me want to try hackschooling.

then i read flowerpatchfarmgirl's response to that TED talk and i wanted to put my kids in an inner city school.

clearly i am fickle.

miss jen hatmaker posted THIS the same day i posted my musings about duck dynasty. she said the exact same thing as me only one thousand times better.

lastly, jeremy and i are trying to plan a beach vacation for sometime this summer in celebration of our ten year anniversary. if we can stay married that long. hehehehahaha. we're thinking mexico because 1) i've actually never been there! and 2) it's a short flight. i think this might be the place!

no scroll back up to the top and watch that first video again! happy day, friends, happy day.

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April said...

Thanks for the links! Finn loved that chicken video (we have a chicken just like that), I forwarded the Amos Lee concert to Brad as an anniversary idea for us this year. When is your anniversary? Congrats on number 10!