Saturday, January 25, 2014

always go with your gut

this morning i was reminded once again that being 36 means i know what i like and i should just always go with what i like and not allow others to deter me from doing/getting/saying what i like.

me: hi i'd like a tall half-pike-place-and-half-hot-chocolate please.

starbucks drive-thru barista: that's called a mocha misto. misto means half. half steamed milk and half coffee with mocha syrup.

me: uuuuuuuummmmmmm. okay. i guess you know better than me.

starbucks drive-thru barista: great that'll be way too much money. please pull forward.

okay fine. she didn't really say that but i'm sure that's what she was thinking. or perhaps that's just what i was thinking. but to be fair my half-pike-place-and-half-hot-chocolate would have been half the price of her fancy schmancy mocha misto.

i pulled forward, handed over my starbucks gift card (thanks mom & dad!), got my drink and drove off.

one sip was all it took to realize the starbucks drive-thru barista was a lying up-seller. half-pike-place-and-half-hot-chocolate is NOT a mocha misto. not even close. she sold me a "better" drink that cost more and wasn't really better at all.

it was a sad start to the day.

but a good reminder that i should trust my instincts and not be afraid to say "if i wanted a frickin mocha misto i would have asked for one."

i'm going to remember this lesson when jeremy and i go to the car dealership to shop for a used car tomorrow.

the end.



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