Thursday, February 6, 2014

a few things that just might warm your heart on this freezing cold morning

because it's thursday and because it's cold and because i'm cranky (being cold is making me really, really cranky) and because i need a laugh and because i thought you might need a little chuckle too...

here a few things this little mister has said or done recently that have made me smile...

graham on christmas morning, sporting his new swim goggles and aiming his new marshmallow shooter at me.

1) the other day i woke graham up from a nap. he yawned and stretched and looked up at me with dreamy eyes. i said "hi sweet boy. i love you. do you want to come downstairs and snuggle with me?" and he responded not with a declaration of his unending love for me but by saying "can i have some doritos?"

i love you. can i have some doritos. same thing.

2) two days ago after school harrison was acting quite grumpy (maybe the cold was making him cranky too?). he stomped up the stairs to his bedroom and played up there alone for a while. graham and i were playing a rousing game of candyland in the living room. i loudly said "i wonder what harrison is doing?" in an attempt to get harrison to respond and reconnect with us, to which graham said "oh he's just upstairs snouting." 

snouting. pouting. same thing.

graham occupying himself at the furniture store while i was selecting a couch for the condo. 

3) yesterday while he was trying unsuccessfully to make a pillow fort (the pillows kept falling over) he came over to me and asked, "mommy, can you help me get switcherated?"

switcherated. situated. same thing.

graham occupying himself while waiting for his turn to be fitted for new skis and boots.

last but not least...

4) the other day graham went potty and came out of the bathroom without washing his hands. i told him "go wash your hands with soap and water." graham sighed, turned around, walked back to the bathroom, closed and locked the door and then i heard "shhhhhhhhhhh. glug glug glug. shhhhhhhhh. gurgle gurgle."

soap and water. making soap and water NOISES with your mouth. same thing.

happy thursday, friends!

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