Friday, February 28, 2014

musical beds

some mornings i find it really, really hard to get out of bed.

especially when i've shared the bed with a five year old boy who tossed and turned and kicked and snored and "mommy, my foot hurts!" and "mommy, i need an ice pack!" and "mommy, wrap it tighter!" and "mommy, i can't sleep!"

when the alarm rang out at 6am the little munchkin jumped out of bed in his typical ready to watch cartoons fashion and i was left with blurry eyes, a sore neck and a very cranky disposition.

which is the rotten-morning trifecta.

there was a time when playing musical beds was our norm. whether due to bad dreams or sickness or reassurance or fear of monsters, one of the boys frequently wanted to sleep in our bed, which kicked one of us to a twin bed in the their room. for a long stretch of time i made a pallet of blankets on our bedroom floor each night before turning out the light, ready to welcome whichever little mister might need it. it was a fabulous solution because the boy's got the comfort of closeness without actually waking us up!

it has been quite some time since we've indulged in musical beds but this week harrison slept with me because "there is a snake under my pillow" and graham slept with me last night because "my foot is sore".

so today i'm pouring myself a third cup of coffee (don't judge, it's necessary) and thanking god for all the times the boys feel comfy and cozy in their own beds...and for the few times i get to be the one to offer them a safe place to rest.

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