Saturday, February 22, 2014

sensory bin - construction theme

i was sorting through my sensory bin stockpile this morning in an effort to set aside and pass on some items my boys have outgrown. harrison was watching cartoons as i was organizing pompoms, easter eggs, plastic hearts and glass beads. i was all set to give away my collection of construction stuff but when harrison came over and began playing i knew i'd better hang onto it a while longer.  

anything that draws my kiddos attention away from the television is worth keeping!

so here's a simple construction themed sensory bin...

get a bin

 fill it with black beans
or you could use sand or rice or pea gravel or actual dirt or whatever strikes your fancy

 add a little bucket full of rocks

 why not add a little bowl of marbles

add a bucket of tongue depressors, another little bowl, two plastic wheelbarrows and some road signs
 i should probably find some type of scooper to throw in here too

 lastly place in a few construction vehicles
these are a mishmash of random trucks we've collected over the years
you could use matchbox cars or anything else from around the house that might fit the theme

now all you have to do is set out the men at work sign and get playing!

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TutyFrutyJudy said...

Love this!! Such a great idea!