Thursday, April 3, 2014

thursday things that make me think - the spring break is over edition

i'm gonna be honest...i almost forgot it was thursday.

yesterday seemed like a monday.

it was a manic day at the white house.

or perhaps is was a manic depressive day. harrison was manic. i was depressed. ha!

i'll tell you all about it soon.

so here are the things that made me think this week:

i loved this blog post that provides recipes for home-made, all natural, non-toxic cleaning supplies. she even offers a handy printable!

this had me cracking up! 16 children's books retold for adults. (warning: bad language) #'s 6, 15 & 16 are my favorites, with a very special shout out to #1, the very hungry caterpillar, which really did make me laugh out loud. so true!

i very much love this parenting manifesto by dr. brene brown. i have not yet read daring greatly (i'm still in the process of reading her earlier books) but am looking forward to it. the parts that touched me the most were about wanting to take away my kiddos pain but will, instead, sit with them and help them feel it. that is exactly what we are trying to do with harrison and, frankly, what we should all do with all our kids. also she mentions not always doing things perfectly but allowing her kids to see her just being real...good stuff.

i believe my friend rachel shared this on facebook - a great post on ways to reduce anxiety in our kids, especially as they are in new situations. #8 has been one of the biggest ones for harrison. as an example, when we visited our ENT's office for the first time to assess whether he needed tonsil surgery the doctor was very friendly and kind but she kept tickling harrison. her intention was sweet - to connect with him. but tickles are a threat to my son and each time she reached toward him he curled further and further away from her. scenarios like that are tricky. i wish everyone who interacts with my son could read this before they interact with him.

lastly, the movie noah is making some big waves. haha, no pun intended. i very much enjoyed this article that analyzes the worldview with which the film was written and directed. (thank you to my friends steve and jon who shared it on facebook). as i wrote to a friend this morning - it only makes sense that we can't understand something unless we can see it through the lens with which it was created. i think christians would be less up in arms if they simply understood that the film is not a depiction on the biblical noah. and, frankly, they'd look less stupid too.

alright folks. happy thursday to you!

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