Friday, March 28, 2014

thursday things that make me think - friday edition

i realize it's friday but this week i'm running a day late and, heck, i'm always running a dollar short so here ya go...

i think i want to adopt kid president. not as my son but as my mentor. :-) love his latest video. the whole wide world should watch this every single day.

i think band headshots/promotional photos are hilarious. rarely are they done well. this lineup for the upcoming icthus music festival made me laugh out loud. i think the least annoying photo of the bunch probably belongs to the headliner switchfoot.  most annoying award goes to transform djs - what's with holding a piece of tape and turning your head sideways? kudos to leaders - i have no idea who they are but i like that they're wearing whosoevers t-shirts.

i think this video of glennon doyle melton is so powerful. i love toward the end when she says something along the lines of everything has to fall apart in order for you to find what is indestructible about you.

i think this artist's creative ability to make normally ugly protective headgear down right cool is amazing! my favorite is definitely the aviator helmet.

did you see the march madness rat bracket? the boys and i loved watching this.

i think this is a lovely post.  maybe it’s writing. maybe it’s songwriting. maybe it is managing finances, or growing companies or making kids feel precious and loved...i can’t stop thinking about what would happen if i got over myself and just started sharing what i’ve been given...using your gifts is heroic.

happy weekend to you all!

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