Wednesday, March 19, 2014

sensory bin - outer space theme

here is an idea for creating an intergalactic sensory bin.

 fill a bin with black beans.

 add some swirly metallic marbles (dollar store).

 add some large black pompoms (dollar store).

 add some small silver tinsel-y pompoms (dollar store).

 add a few silver dish scrubbers (target's dollar spot).

 add some glow in the dark stars (i have no idea).

 add plastic planets (these from amazon).

 that looks a bit like outer space, right?

 now add some astronauts and space vehicles (these from amazon).

and you're done. 

confession: my boys are slowly but surely outgrowing these sensory bins. i have been attempting to create themes that might still interest them. we have quite a few space-themed toys around the house so i designed this bin more as a jump-start for their imagination, to accompany the toys they like playing with. both the boys have played with this bin for short periods of time and enjoyed it. i have to chuckle though because graham's idea of playing has been to remove everything except the beans and SIT inside the bin.

perhaps he's launched himself to the moon? and the moon is inside the bin?

your guess is as good as mine.

i cannot tell you how many times i've said, "graham, why are there black beans all. over. the. rug.?" 

so it goes with sensory bins.

heck, so it goes with graham!


Leslie Norgren said...

Anders loves to sit inside the bean with the beans too. And he seems to be a bean purist, all of the extra stuff comes out (or is buried out of site) and we are back to beans and measuring cups.

rachel white said...

"a bean purist" - ha! sweet anders!