Monday, March 17, 2014

treehouse - an update on the loft

all photos in the post are unedited because this lady does not have time to edit photos. some images were taken with my good camera. most were captured with my phone. some are really, really dark because the space just does not get much natural light. all that to say, the pictures aren't perfect...but you'll still be able to see the progress. enjoy!

this is the only true before photo i have of the loft. unfortunately, i didn't get a shot of the king bed, two twin beds, shelving units, dresser, ceiling fan, fake plants, television, crazy artwork, two tables and four chairs (or was it six?) that were brought down from the loft and either donated or taken to the dump. shame.

here's harrison in the empty loft. oh, i DID get a shot of the television! this picture gives you an idea of how pitched the ceiling/roof line is.


here is the carpet that was removed from the floor piece by piece, rolled and taped for easy trash collection.

here's the bare floor.

 here is the floor after it was sanded. it was a HUGE improvement!

some furniture had to be brought back up to the loft so jeremy, meme & papa had a place to sleep while the downstairs was all torn up. at this point the floor had been sanded and a sealant was applied. the king bed in the photo was brought up from the master bedroom. i bought that 14" tall bed frame so we would have storage underneath. eventually, we removed the box springs. it was crazy trying to climb up into that bed at night!!

 here is the 10x14ft natural jute rug meme & papa hauled up to the mountains for me.

here's the rug in the space. do you see that small metal bucket behind harrison? i attached a pulley system to the ceiling so the boys could raise and lower that bucket from the living room to the loft. i need to get a photo of that to show you. they love it!!

still trying to figure out the best furniture placement.

 i wanted the space to be a place where the boys can play but that also felt relaxing for jeremy and me.

this photo shows you the true colors of the bedding - grey, green, burgundy, white and black. a mix of gingham, stripes, solids, plaids and pattern (in the sheets). the bed has now been moved to the right to accommodate a dresser in the corner of the room, which also makes for a more open "entry" at the top of the stairs.

the next images are from this past weekend. i think the loft is complete except for hanging a few things on the walls.

boys' play area.

we finally have lamps that work! and dressers! and seating!

 the very cozy bed.

in case you are interested there flannel sheets, a quilt and a down comforter on that bed. there are also fifteen pillows. three were made by jer's mom. two were made by mine. the owl pillow was bought (by my mom) at a precious little antique shop inside an old white barn in iowa. it's made from an old men's work shirt. the boys have nicknamed him barney.

they wanted to call him hooter but i vetoed that choice.

barney loves his loft. 

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