Tuesday, March 18, 2014

what we've been up to lately

just some random things...

jeremy snapped this photo while i was driving home from the mountains one sunday last month. it's safe to say that was our worst drive this winter as far as visibility was concerned. total white out. it was immediately after this photo was taken that i completely blocked a fire vehicle from getting through because although i could hear his siren i had no idea he was directly behind me. even his flashing lights weren't powerful enough to cut through that blowing snow.  (the worst drive time-wise i had took 3 hours, 40 minutes. jeremy got stuck in a 5-6 hour long driving fiasco because of a random shooting that took place on i-70 which completely closed down the highway for investigation. our best drive time so far has been 1 hour, 8 minutes).

 then we reached a clearing and graham yelled out "bighorn sheep!" can you see them?

this was at beaver creek over president's day weekend.

last week the weather was lovely after school so the boys and i walked to the park to hit some golf balls.

another day after school, playing at the park with our friend addy.

my mom and dad came for a visit over president's day weekend. we bundled up and stood outside watching the boys ski at beaver creek.

the best shot of the bunch.

graham with an ice pack wrapped around his head. could he be any cuter?

 my mom snapped this one of jeremy and me at beaver creek. love.

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