Friday, March 14, 2014

happy birthday to me

yesterday was my birthday. the big 3-7. it was an interesting day.

the morning began terribly. there was fighting amongst siblings and between spouses. basically everyone in the house was unhappy. this culminated in me carrying one of my sons to the car while he kicked me and hit me and begged me to let him stay home from school. actually carrying is too simple a word. dragging might be more appropriate. using every ounce of my strength to get him into the vehicle without hurting him is spot on.

it was a rough start.

a friend who kindly coordinated a preschool-moms play date didn't make it to the preschool-moms play date because she got stuck at costco.

i got a birthday card in the mail, went to open it and found it to be already opened and the card was no longer inside!

i think i'll move to australia.
(kudos to anyone who knows where that line comes from).

but here are some good things that happened:

1) while i was carrying my out-of-control son to the car i did not lose my cool. i was able to continually whisper "i love you, it'll be okay". thank you jesus. and he did calm down and had an excellent day at school. thank you jesus again.

2) i had a lovely time with the preschool moms who were able to meet me for a walk outside in the beautiful sunshine. and i wore a glittery pink birthday crown. and i got a rain check from the friend who couldn't make it.

3) on the drive home from preschool graham whistled along with the radio. it made me smile so much my cheeks hurt.

4) i texted my friend debbie, the sender of the unexpectedly empty envelope. she made me smile even in spite of the missing card.

5) jeremy picked up the most delicious carnitas tacos in the world from our favorite mexican cantina. I DID NOT HAVE TO COOK DINNER!

6) my dad and mom sent me birthday cash that arrived inside a still-sealed envelope and they called me just to chat.

7) i got many thoughtful facebook messages, texts and emails.

8) my boys gave me birthday cards and balloons they picked out all on their own. harrison's card had a picture of dogs roasting smores over a campfire on the cover. graham's card had a picture of a raccoon holding a bag of money on the cover. and, funnily enough, my dad's card had a picture of a monkey dressed in drag on the cover. what does it all mean??

9) the boys got me a sweet treat from coldstone. they stuck a candle in it and sang to me. we had a fun evening as a family that included an impromptu dance party in the living room. after the kiddos went to bed, jeremy and i cuddled on the couch while watching the final episode of boardwalk empire.

the day ended peacefully. it was just like any other day - a mixture of the good, the bad and the ugly. at 37 it's not about perfect days anymore. it's not about perfect anything, really. perfect body, perfect image, perfect marriage, perfect children, perfect house, perfect life, perfect days - at 37 i am wise enough to know none of that is real. 

these days i find the sweet spot in life can be found by soaking up one or two incredible moments that take place within the chaos (or even the monotony) of the day. today i scooped up more than my fair share of beautiful moments worth remembering. i am a very lucky girl. 


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April said...

Happy birthday, Rachel! I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you. Glad the day ended well. Love you!