Friday, May 30, 2014

free therapy advice - the "who me?" edition

it was four weeks ago or so that jeremy, dr. vermiller and i all got a good chuckle during our counseling session when i said, "so we started therapy eight months ago because i thought something was really wrong with jeremy but now it seems as though i'm the one with all the issues."

yup. sometimes the truth hurts.

but sometimes it makes you laugh.

this was a good realization, the kind that checks your heart and corrects your vision.

us on the morning of graham's preschool graduation, harrison was our photographer

so here's your free therapy advice for today: if you call to schedule an appointment with a psychologist in desperation because you know something is wrong with your spouse...or if you've been obsessing about all the things your spouse is or isn't doing that contribute to your relationship woes...this probably says more about you than it does about your spouse. 

take that and think on it for awhile.

now this does not mean your spouse is completely free of relationship responsibility, but it does mean that you likely have much more of a role in matters than you are even aware of.

happy friday, friends!

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