Tuesday, May 13, 2014

i am disgruntled

the following brief monologue left my mouth while speaking to a united healthcare representative this morning...

you are really making me want to curse. 
you are making me want to say very bad words!  

then i hung up on her.

needless to say, i am still battling united healthcare over their denial of coverage for harrison's food school which was back in september of 2013. this fight has been a doozy and i just flat out lost it today after yet another united rep was snarky with me.

i suppose i didn't go quite as crazy as i could have given the fact that i didn't actually use the curse words that were on the teeny tiny tippiest tip of my tongue.

the rest of the day i've been wondering what that woman thought about my statement. sadly, given my history with them, i can't bring myself to believe that she cared at all.

good customer service is so rare.

that's why i shop at whole foods. i might have to pay more but at least their employees bend over backward to help me. united healthcare representatives could take some lessons from them.

the end. 

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