Saturday, May 31, 2014

what we've been up to the past two months

 we woke up to a lovely snow on april 3rd. 

harrison had his very first friend-from-school birthday party AND it was at chuck e. cheese. i was nervous for him because places like chuck e. cheese can cause major sensory overload in any child, especially sensory-overresponsive kiddos like harrison. he wasn't worried about it at all and asked if i would just drop him off and leave. i obliged his request and he did great. when graham and i went to pick him up i let them play a couple games together. both of them declared that they want to have their birthday parties at chuck e. cheese from now on.

and graham pronounces it chuck e. cheesus (sounds like jesus). :-)

the boys got bunk beds! surprisingly, they don't fight over the top's the bottom they both want.

i surprised the boys with this sumo bumper bopper toy in early may because we had instilled quite a few new rules about daily chores and limited/earned tv time and they did such a great job and had such awesome attitudes about adjusting to the changes.

we woke up to snow on may 12th. i picked harrison up a couple hours early from school so he could play outside with graham.

harrison had his class field trip to anderson farms in erie, colorado. it's a working farm and pumpkin patch. it was a fun day.

all the kids got a chance to feed these scottish highland cows who were incredibly good-natured and friendly. they also got to plant pumpkin seeds in the fields and they each planted and brought home a sunflower seed. harrison's is sprouting (aka i haven't killed it yet)!!

it was wacky facial hair day at graham's preschool.

one thursday afternoons i have crossing-guard duty at harrison's school and it was raining and hailing outside. i put on jeremy's university of colorado poncho and thought it looked so hilarious i had to take a picture. thank you jesus the rain stopped before i actually had to use it!

this was another day, waiting in the pick-up line to fetch harrison from school. the hail was coming down so hard i thought for sure our car was going to be damaged. i turned around and graham was fast asleep.

harrison went down to the game closet in the basement and brought up what he called "battle of the success". hahaha. we played it, kind of making up our own rules which is probably more fun anyway. i did explain that the word is pronounced sex-es and it means males and females.

over memorial day weekend i cut open a hardboiled egg for breakfast and look what i found: twins! is it sad that is made me so excited?!

we gave target gift cards to the boys' teachers to celebrate the end of the year and thank them for all they've done for us! got this idea and the printable here.

harrison's shoes barely held on to make it through an entire school year! this made me very happy. it also made me happy to toss them into the trash bin.

my sweet boys on the last day of school. love them so much.

one last thing: just a couple days ago i went out to check the mail and brought in some coupons from target. harrison read the flyer which said something like "because you're our bestie we're giving you $18 of coupons". confused, harrison asked what it meant. i told him it basically means that because mommy shops at target so much they are send me some coupons. harrison said, "yeah, you should probably break that hobby." 

of course he meant "break that habit".

but, really, his choice of word is probably more accurate. 

it made me laugh out loud. 

and i know for a fact jeremy would agree with him. 

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