Monday, June 2, 2014

take me away

although today is not the first day of no school it is the first monday of no school and i gotta be honest (you know i always am), summer is trying to kill me.

i took both boys along to the grocery store this morning.

that was not fun. not fun at all.

then we went to the dentist and i actually enjoyed my teeth cleaning (while the boys were in other parts of the office having their teeth cleaned) because it meant it p.e.a.c.e.

that's saying a lot.

then we came home and i let them watch a movie even though i told them there would be no t.v. for the rest of the day. but i had to turn on the t.v. because mama needed a moment (yes another one) of p.e.a.c.e.

don't worry, i told them my decision to allow them to watch t.v. was because i was showing them grace, which is what god gives us, so i managed to work in a bible lesson AND cover my arse.

all they've done all day is beg for food.

i really don't know how they can be so hungry nor do i think i have the mental capacity or patience to think about one more snack.

and so...

here's what i'm longing for today...

daytona beach.

anyone care to join me?

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