Friday, June 6, 2014

summer 2014 - week one

we had some fun this week, we were a little bit productive this week, we were sometimes lazy this week...all in all, we are par for the course. :-)

hamburgers and french fries for dinner. the boys turned their fries into:  a) a road  b) a bowling alley c) a boundary their brother wasn't allowed to cross? if you chose "c" you are correct. fyi: playing with food is totally allowed in our house! we roll cucumber slices across the table, we make letters with strips of red pepper, we put grapes in our mouths and see who can spit them the farthest. playing with food is an excellent, non-pressure way to get your kids to actually eat the food!

this is what the boys did while we waited to have two new tires put on our car...

graham with my sunglasses on upside down...

 graham with my sunglasses on upside down four years ago. oh my goodness the cuteness...

 a chocolate pudding snack outside...

a game of "toss the sponge". i got this idea from a link someone posted on facebook. thank you, someone! and, yes, graham is wearing my winter boots. (cost = $1 for sponges from dollar store)

my book for the week, emily giffin's the one & only. i enjoyed it!

the boys' read-aloud book for the week. we just finished chapter six and have laughed out loud many times. we'll finish it this weekend.

a marble run made from a pool noodle ($1 from dollar store). another idea from this link.

first time making tuna nicoise salad minus the nicoise olives because, ew, olives are gross. i loved it. jer not as much but he still ate the whole thing because he's sweet like that.

one thing i didn't photograph: our trip to the park where we picnicked with our friends from preschool. we have to just enjoy some moments instead of worrying about capturing them, right?

right.  :-)

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Leslie Norgren said...

Looks like your summer is off to a great start! We need to get dinner rescheduled with the families and maybe it can turn into a pool afternoon/dinner :)