Thursday, June 5, 2014

thursday things that made me think

it's been quite some time since i've posted links. here are some things i think are worth sharing...

the idea of raising my kids with a minimalist mindset is dreamy to me. often times i think i should declare a moratorium on presents (toys) in favor of receiving an experience (a class, a membership to the zoo, etc).

i've seen this video posted on facebook a couple times. solar roads, playgrounds, parking lots? makes sense to me!

it was interesting to read this article about the habits of those who don't worry. i pretty much do the exact opposite of them. i'm working on it!

the spd foundation emailed out a link to this washington post article which features dr. lucy jane miller, founder of STAR center. so much more acceptance and understanding needs to evolve with regard to sensory processing disorder, it's affect on children and families and how occupational therapy really does make a difference.

my favorite cookie recipe! they are completely grain free (only uses almond flour and coconut flour) and refined-sugar free (only uses honey and coconut sugar) and they are gooooooood! if you're new to buying almond and coconut flour, look in the bulk bins at your grocery store where it's often 1/2 the cost of pre-packaged. coconut sugar can be found in the baking aisle right next to the regular sugars.
for locals: here is 5280 magazine's list of "supersecret restaurants, vistas, hikes, attractions, and quirky, only-in-Colorado experiences you probably don't know about—but should"

happy thursday, friends!

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