Tuesday, June 3, 2014

a tribute to our teachers

 teacher sherry and teacher mary, fletcher miller preschool

we have been so very blessed by the preschool teachers who have cared for and taught our boys.

harrison started preschool when he was three and graham, who was 18 months old at that time, came along for every drop-off and pick-up until it was finally his turn to actually attend class. teacher sherry and teacher mary have been a constant in all our lives for the past four years! they have had such a positive influence on the boys. they have invested time, energy, love, care, concern and discipline...and have created so many fun moments in the lives of the boys, memories to be cherished.

sherry and mary both excel at seeing the heart of each child, building on their strengths and gently encouraging them where they are weak. they love each of their students individually, make every one feel special, always allowing them to feel comfortable being exactly who they were created to be and to experience the world at their own pace. they have helped to instill in my boys a love of learning - a foundation that will forever serve them well.

thank you so very much to these two amazing ladies for being our boys' very first teachers! thank you for loving them and always seeking the very best for them! we feel so privileged to have been apart of fletcher miller school!

ms. johnson, harrison's first grade teacher

and then there's this lady.

we hit the jackpot with this one.

ms. johnson is a gifted teacher with the unique ability to accept each child just as they come and mold them to be more of who they truly are. not changing them, just developing them. it has been so very heart-warming to see how harrison has blossomed while in her class. ms. johnson made him feel safe and comfortable - with her, with himself and with others - and helped him grow in self-confidence, peer interaction, imaginative thinking and sense of humor.

she has a keen eye, an open heart and a quick wit. she can be goofy with the kids, she can be firm with the kids. she implements routines and yet quickly adapts to suit each child's needs. she makes teaching - the toughest job in the world? aside from motherhood? but teachers really are moms to their students so... - look so easy. that's how good she is.

thank you so very much to ms. johnson for teaching our sweet harrison this past year. thank you for investing time and energy to get to know him and his special quirks. thank you for loving him just as he is and for being a guiding light for him to follow as he navigated all-day school. we are so thankful for you!

and now i must share with you a photo of the graduate:

my little preschool graduate

it's off to kindergarten!!

i'm already praying for our 2014-15 school teachers, they have some tough shoes to fill!

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