Friday, June 27, 2014

summer 2014 - week four

week four already. crazy.

we played lego.

we went to the mountains. graham washed the car windows.

we had the best time in the mountains this past weekend with our friends. you can see more gorgeous photos and read about our adventures HERE.

on monday our friends liam and cody came over to play in the morning. no photos.
on monday night jeremy and i went out to dinner with friends. no photos.
on tuesday our friends tessa, leyton and grant came over to play in the morning. no photos.

on wednesday we went to the denver museum of nature and science. it was fun. here's harrison building a marble/ball run.

harrison drying his hands after playing in the new water feature inside the kid's discovery zone. for those who understand sensory issues, you know this is a BIG DEAL! hand dryers can be really scary!

graham using radar to detect objects beneath the sand.

learning about mars.

riding the wolf statues. giddy-up cowboy.

on thursday we were supposed to picnic and swim with our friends asher and brooklynn but i totally pooped out and declared it a stay-at-home day.

we had swimming lessons every day this week.

we grocery shopped and discovered the coolest justin's nut butter display!

both boys took turns using the pulley to drop the ball down the maze.

and that's our week in a nut shell.  haha! get it? nut shell? i'm funny. or not.

for your listening pleasure i'll leave you with one of my very favorite summertime songs. to me, this song just feels like everything summer should be. click HERE.

have a great weekend folks!

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