Friday, June 13, 2014

summer 2014 - week two

we started this week up in the mountains. can you find three fox that were so sweetly sitting just below our balcony? (blurry photo - sorry). we were up and back within 24 hours. in that time we saw bighorn sheep, elk, fox, deer, even chickens...but no moose.

teaching the girl next door how to make a paper airplane.

us at the zoo.

we saw the baby clouded leopards at the zoo. love, love, loved them. and i love that we've had the opportunity to see so many baby animals - tigers, giraffe, chimps...

playing with shaving cream and food coloring.

playing trouble. and every other board game we own.

the boys' read aloud for the week.

my book for the week.

we got the boys a dresser from ikea and it has made my life so much easier! i used to fold their clothes in the basement then bring them upstairs to hang them in the closet. and for the record, this was the most difficult piece of ikea furniture i've ever put together!

harrison made a radio with his snap circuit set and it worked! we listened to the rockies baseball game. and hello there, dust.

we had a playdate and lunch with great friends this week, enjoyed it so much i never once thought to get out the camera.

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