Thursday, June 12, 2014

thursday things that made me think

a few little nuggets this week...

this made me think amen!!. at harrison's, and soon to be graham's, school the first grade class got one 10-15 minute recess. my boy is allowed to use fidget toys in the classroom during the day and i'm so thankful for that. one thing harrison's teacher did so well this past year was building in "brain breaks" where the kids could get up, move around, dance, shake, wiggle & squirm. i'm thankful for that too! i have to admit, though, when i read this i wasn't just focused on school...i was thinking about what i can do better at home to get us all up and moving more.

i loved the idea of making a simple outdoor reading tent from this post.

ten health benefits of coconut oil.

no doubt my boys would send me a letter similar to this one. on the drive home from the mountains last weekend i kept them entertained for an hour with the diarrhea song. good lord they loved it! never heard the diarrhea song? here it is. you're welcome. or i'm sorry.

if, like me, you are looking for a list of great read-aloud books for boys, here is one.

i plan to make this concoction for the boys. and i'm sure i'll have fun playing with it too.

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