Friday, June 20, 2014

summer 2014 - week three

as usual we started the weekend up in the mountains. i took the boys by myself on friday so jeremy could golf with his buddy on saturday, an annual outing send them on for father's day. we drove home saturday afternoon so we could spend father's day with jeremy and papa.

here's graham at the playground at the lake dillon marina. it is such an awesome play area!

on monday we started swimming lessons.

on tuesday we had our friends india and jordyn over for a play day.

on wednesday miss kayla came to play with the boys in the morning. she has been helping us out by watching the boys some this summer. both harrison and graham love her. the day after her first visit with the boys harrison asked if she could come back over and go to the park with us. after she went home wednesday graham told me "i love miss kayla so much".  :-)

on thursday i had a migraine and my sweet friend michelle watched the boys for me in the morning. thankfully, i was feeling better in the afternoon and we were able to go to the library. both boys earned a free book for doing a great job with their summer reading! when we were leaving the library parking lot we saw this:

official pace car for the 2008 indianapolis 500?! i had to take a picture to show jer and papa.

today we played with cloud dough. it was so lovely outside in the shade the boys stuck with it for at least an hour!!

and look what jeremy found when he cracked his morning egg...

two yolks! kinda crazy that i've never in my life seen an egg with two yolks and then we find two in just a few weeks.

the boys and i are still reading through charlotte's web and i am still trudging through the hypnotist's love story.  i thought about giving up on it but decided to press on and i think (i hope!) i'll be happy i did. we'll see.

not much else going on around here. just a simple, quiet summer week. :-)

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