Saturday, February 21, 2015

my fitness journey - in photos

after yesterday's post i got a text message from a friend saying, "where are the photos?!". my response was that i don't really think my body looks all that different, at least compared to last summer, so i didn't include pictures. surely i've posted a photo of myself between last summer and now, right, so....nothing new to show you.

i'm the same weight i was last summer. the pounds i dropped occurred in the first six months of joining the gym, before jeremy's and my trip to mexico thank you very much. since july 2014 i've plateaued in the weight loss department but i recently got together with a friend who hadn't seen me in months and she could see a difference in my body. she was surprised to hear i am the same weight. so i guess that means positive changes are occurring. it also means what they say about strength training is really does make your body look better even if the same number of the scale keeps popping up.

anyway, that text got me looking through old photos...

november 2009

june 2012. me with my handsome brother.

may 2014. i had been exercising for three months at this point. don't we look so happy??

july 2014. in mexico. i had been exercising for five months at this point. wearing the same dress as in the photo above.

august 2014. i was sucking in my tummy.

november 2014. i had to buy smaller ski pants because my pair from last year kept falling off.

today. i'm not sucking in my tummy...i don't need to anymore. :-)

so you see it's really just a slight difference over the past year. but it's a huge difference when comparing the past five years!


April said...

I love seeing the photos, too! Thanks for posting them. You look great! Way to go! I know that you are doing a lot of work to feel better, and it pays off! Beautiful!

RACHEL said...

You have always been beautiful!! I'm glad you have more energy & are feeling stronger (& had to buy smaller ski pants!). Thanks for sharing :)

Kari Farr said...

You look awesome Rachel! I haven't been on here in a long time and wanted to check on you. Congrats on your hard work. Makes me feel inspired. :) Thanks!

rachel white said...

thank you, ladies!! i think each of you are beautiful and inspirational too!!