Thursday, February 26, 2015

thursday things that make me think

it's a snow day here in denver so we're tucked in tight, wearing pajamas, drinking cocoa, reading and watching t.v. 

i cannot express the loveliness of it all. 

typical thursday mornings find me volunteering at the boys' school so i don't always get to share links with you but today, my friends, is your lucky day!

since deliberately dropping off the social media map a month ago i'm not sure which articles have been exploding in popularity. certainly i've missed out on some humorous things, some informative...but i think i've gained some sanity in return. but that's another post for another time. anyway, although i'm no longer stalking my feeds for content, i'm not lacking in interesting things to share. here are some things that made me think...

this just flat made me laugh out loud and made me think about the conversations i've had with the boys...and the ones to come! gah!  sex is tricky at momastery.

10 awesome benefits to strength training plus a basic dumbbell workout you can do at home. strength training basics at our best bites.

i think selma, and the award-winning song from that film, glory (especially the moving performance of the song during the oscars), has spurred conversation about the progression (or lack thereof) of the civil rights movement. this essay touched me. she writes"the next time i find myself judging the poor or underemployed, the person with no wheels, the high school drop-out, the inmate, the welfare mom, i'll consider the ways my life never came close to mirroring theirs."  listen to the sound by flowerpatch farmgirl.   

a list of 36 questions that can make you fall in love at the new york times.

oh help me lord! just five ingredients to make my all-time favorite sweet treat?!  triple decker chocolate peanut butter bars at half baked harvest.

rather than seeing others who seem to have it all together and thinking how will i ever attain that it might be better to simply think she is five years ahead of me in her journey. that stops the evil comparison game and provides encouragement to persevere on your own path, no matter what area of life you're trying to improve. creating a simple life doesn't happen overnight at the art of simple.

"i have come to believe that lifelong love often looks extraordinary, yes, but it's because we are faithful to love well in the ordinary minutes of our days".  love looks like 2:07am by sarah bessey.

"he's exactly the way he's supposed to be". i know what causes autism at huffpost.

i've been reading and loving this blog for years! in this post karen outlines the tv shows she's recommended in the past and whether or not she's still enjoying them. (jeremy and i have gotten hooked on more than a few of her suggestions!)  she also writes about three new ones. 3 tv shows you should be watching part viii at the art of doing stuff.

happy thursday, folks! 

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