Saturday, February 7, 2015

simple, cheap valentine's activity

i had to switch this photo to b&w so the red X's and O's would show up better against the red game board.

looking for an easy, inexpensive valentine's day game?
what if i told you it costs $1.50 and takes less than 5 minutes to create?

hugs & kisses tic-tac-toe!

here's what to do:

- drive to target, of course
- walk to the dollar spot
- find a $1 package of foam X's and O's (my pkg also contained sparkly lips. ooh la la.)
- walk to the office supplies section
- pick up one $.50 sheet of red poster board
- take supplies home
- cut a large heart out of the poster board
- draw a tic-tac-toe board on the heart
- ask your kids who wants to be HUGS and who wants to be KISSES
- listen to your kids fight over the HUGS because oh my goodness KISSES are the worst ever
- declare that whomever has KISSES gets make the first move
- take turns being KISSES/going first
- have fun!

i made two of these tic-tac-toe games for graham's kindergarten class to play with during their school valentine's day party.

nothing better than a simple game, presented in a special new way, to make the week of valentine's day a bit more fun for your kids!

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