Monday, November 25, 2013

counting my blessings - catching up

so this is what happens when you take a trip to iowa and your parent's computer crashes every time you try to login to your blog. and this is what happens when you get home from iowa and your husband decided to tinker with your computer while you were away. total blog silence. i have been counting on my facebook page but feel the perfectionist need to repeat my blessings here so the list will be complete. and because it's just a perfectionist need. sigh.

number eleven - i am thankful for a husband who took a day off to hang with us and drive us to the airport.

number twelve - i am thankful i was able to HUG my sister-in-law, brother, nephew and niece.

number thirteen - i am thankful for a husband who makes a run to the store while i'm out of town to buy gluten-free pancake mix while it's on sale for one day only. ($8 off baby!)

number fourteen - i am thankful i can tell my niece how beautiful she is and play "make-up" with her. little girls are fun!

number fifteen - i am thankful we can celebrate my grahamer's FIFTH birthday in iowa. i am thankful for the super fun, super loving boy he is.

number sixteen - i am thankful for a lovely trip to iowa and back. some fun memories were made. "oh, baloney!" and "bad grandpa!" and "where's my hat?" were the favorite phrases of the week.

number seventeen - i am thankful to be home and back to a routine.

number eighteen - i am soooo thankful for a husband who wakes up early to make me coffee!!!!!

number nineteen - i am thankful harrison's body seems to have stabilized in a "just right" level of arousal. we've had some really great days. weeks, even!

number twenty - i am thankful for a husband who does hard things and makes hard choices to honor me and our marriage.

number twenty-one - i am thankful i can drop my boys at school, skip Pilates, ignore the dishes and climb into bed with a cup of coffee, a book and a down comforter. it's a beautiful day!

number twenty-two - i am very thankful for a person of integrity who turned in my missing billfold with cash in it. i am thankful "a little voice" told me to call target to see if i left my billfold there. i mean, where else would it be?!

number twenty-three -

 i am thankful for love notes.

number twenty-four -

i am thankful for a crazy messy house because it meant i was able to ignore my kids (aka: let them play on their own) and read a book! 


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