Monday, November 11, 2013

counting my blessings - november 10, 2013

number ten

i am thankful for a god who made all creatures great and small...and who gives perspective in the midst of chaos.

life has been closing in. harrison had scarlett fever, then a bout of strep throat. he's on his second round of antibiotics. graham had an mri of his brain (under sedation), and now has scarlett fever. he's on his first round of antibiotics. we've attended oodles of appointments, a birthday party was hosted, dinner plans cancelled, a husband out of town, a house that is a disaster, so much laundry, and somehow we are supposed to be on a flight to iowa in the morning. i have not packed one thing. i have not even planned to pack one thing. i have not even thought about planning to pack one thing.

i am thankful that just as i was texting jeremy "i am feeling completely overwhelmed...putting out too many fires lately", he was texting me these photos...

two very large moose were grazing just ten feet outside our treehouse this morning.

i am thankful for this gentle reminder that Beauty is always surrounding us.

i am thankful that even in the midst of all the closing-in things i can chose to look for it.

i am so very blessed.

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