Friday, November 29, 2013

counting my blessings - november 29, 2013

number twenty-nine

i'm feeling a bit better this morning! thankful!

i am thankful for the treehouse.
we are headed up to our condo at some point today. meme, papa, jer and zach have been at the treehouse every weekend since september 20th, working so hard. much of the work is complete -

MANY trips to haul off thirty years of junk
hardwood floors sanded and polyurethaned
old tile pulled up and new laminate floor laid in kitchen
old carpet pulled up and new carpet laid in the rest of the space
all new paint
new sliding glass door and windows
new electric in kitchen
lots of cleaning and dusting and vacuuming
the entire kitchen demolished and a new kitchen waiting to be installed

it has been a huge undertaking!

today will be the first time the boys and i have seen the treehouse since we closed on it ten weeks ago. i'm so excited to see the changes. i'm so excited to take some after photos!

here are the completely unedited, very poorly lit, before photos. pretty much everything you see in the pictures below is now different. and, for that, i am VERY thankful! ha!

 boys bedroom

 boys bedroom, wall with closet

 master bedroom

 master bedroom, private bathroom and closet

 hallway from bedrooms to front door

 bathroom. the two bathrooms won't be renovated until next summer, i'm guessing

 eat in kitchen

 view from kitchen into living room

 loft, which will be our bedroom and a play space for the boys.

 living room, stairs to loft


 living room

 there used to be a mural - a photo of the mountains - on this wall. seriously.



i am so very blessed.

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