Friday, July 4, 2008

it's a BOY!

we had our 20-week ultrasound yesterday.  all is well.  

the little mister was not at all shy about showing us his "goods".  we could not be more excited!

he did stay true to form, however...becoming quite uncooperative about his positioning.  the technician wasn't able to get all the pictures she needed.  

this child has caused his mother more tears and panic attacks in his short 20 weeks than harrison has in his 14 months.  at our 8-week ultrasound, he didn't want to be found.  i actually told the doctor, "well, the pregnancy test was positive".  eventually, he made his grand appearance.  at 16 weeks, he didn't want us to hear his heartbeat.  i laid on the table crying while the doctor ran out to get the ultrasound machine.  and there he was, with his perfect heartbeat, just choosing to hide from us.  at that point i told the doctor, "i think this one is going to be a trouble-maker", to which he agreed.  

we were convinced that our little trouble-maker was a girl because of the insane migraines i've been getting.  (seriously, insane).  but we are so pleasantly surprised to find out it's a BOY! 

thanks be to God for a healthy baby boy!


Christy said...

Yea!!! It is so good to get to that 20 week ultra sound isn't it??

I'm so happy to hear that all is well. Also so glad you are having another boy. My personal opinion is boys need a brother. (:

Love you!!

Courtney said...

:) boys are awesome...

Sarah said...