Thursday, July 24, 2008

oh, to be so blessed

in an effort to alleviate the 98 degree, sweltering, stifling, suffocating heat, i thought it might be nice to take harrison swimming.  which, of course, meant that i needed to purchase a new swimsuit.  the ones i have simply won't fit over my baby bump.  so, after a brief search, i found this one at target.

the thing i didn't realize about maternity swimsuits (even though i did try it on in the dressing room) is that they are cut "way down to here".  i'm sure the theory is to draw the eye the that the eye won't notice the rest of me. 

"accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative".  that's the saying, right?  

well, i'm not so sure, at this point in my pregnancy, that my chest is a positive.  my husband, on the other hand, is quite sure.

too much information, i know.  but i'm certain you understand exactly what i'm talking about.  i mean, what is it with men, anyway?  (that's an entirely different i'll get back to the topic at hand).

swimsuit purchasing criteria:
cute?  i think so
comfortable?  yes, actually, it's one of the most comfortable swimsuits i've ever owned
modest?  well, not so much.  

especially given the fact that my new measurement is a G.  

yes, you read that correctly.  i apologize if this declaration made you spit out your coffee...all over your computer screen.


as in Gynormus.

all i can say cup certainly runneth over.


Courtney said...


Dalene said...

Ha Ha Ha....!!!!! Hilarious post.

I'm laughing over here.

Kipplyn said...

Hilarious yes! I was hoping to see a picture of you in the swimsuit! My SIL is similar to you, but me, I am happy with my great big "B" Cup while pregnant. Now, I don't think they even make a size for me...something closer to a "trainer". Sad.

Christy said...


you're funny. I'm glad you got to swim though!!!

I like the suit and I'm sure you look amazing in it. (:

Did Harrison have fun?

Anonymous said...

You grow girl! Oh, I mean - you go girl! Whoo hoo to the only positive body change in pregnancy (apart from that cute preggers belly of course!).

Dalene said...

I wish I could have thought of a pun as cool as Rachel's.

Sarah said...

at least yours are similar in size to each other. me, not so much