Thursday, July 17, 2008

lessons learned

so, what is a girl supposed to learn when...

1) she buys a bag of m&m's (not the individual bag, mind you...i'm talking the 14 ouncer)
2) cuts a tiny hole in the top so she can pour some into her hand and eat them
3) stores the opened bag in the fridge
4) then, the next night, because the m&m's are not pouring fast enough, she cuts a BIGGER hole...making sure to be careful not to pour them into her hand as before...rather, she puts her hand in the bag and pulls out a few
5) then, the next night, she forgets that she cut the BIGGER hole, and begins to pour as usual
6) and m&m's go ALL OVER the kitchen floor???

hmmm...i guess the moral of the story is: DO NOT EAT M&M'S WHEN YOU ARE STRESSED OUT!!!!  

i'm going back to the snicker's ice cream bars.  : )  

and, by the way, i have not gained any weight in the last two months.  so, things are obviously working themselves out!  take that, you mean church lady!  

***on a serious note*** we are doing much better today than we were monday.  we absolutely feel your prayers!  thank you!  now that we have stepped around the panic and worry, we can see things with a much more hopeful and encouraged perspective.  and, thanks to many friends who are willing to help out and offer advice, we feel so very supported.  so, again, thanks!!  we will keep you posted.  

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