Tuesday, July 15, 2008

please pray

harrison had a 15-month check-up yesterday.  after seeing him, and talking with me, the doctor thought it prudent to schedule a few evaluations to make sure harrison is developing properly. we have audiology, speech pathology, early childhood development, and autism evaluations on the horizon.  obviously, this is a bit unsettling...and jer & i are having a difficult time not allowing worry to overcome us. 

please be praying...for peace. for wisdom. and, really, for all the things that i simply don't have words to describe at the moment.  


Dalene said...

I will be praying! Keep us updated.

Sarah said...

I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. Please keep in mind that doctors only get to spend a few minutes with you and Harrison every 3-6mos now and HE CAN'T EVALUATE everything he needs to in a short 15min visit. He's just being thorough. And you should send a shout up for him doing this now--you all are in my prayers.

'member my breast lump?? I spent 4 days not sleeping and worrying myself sick. It hard for us not to worry about the unknown. But try not to worry . . . . . love you!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel - I have been reading for awhile and decided to let you know I am here. This stuff is right up my alley - this is what I do for a living! If you want to let me know more of what is going on with your gorgeous boy, or talk about test results etc and what they all mean I am right here for you....after all we've got our eyes and prayers on our little "Ottley".
Rachel Ottley
(you've got our email addy, right?)

Becky said...

I will be praying - I am just reading blogs today after a long time. Keep us posted.