Monday, December 22, 2008

graham is five weeks old

my how he has grown!  

he is doing all the things five-week-olds are supposed to do.  staying awake more, making eye contact, following objects with his eyes, and just beginning to coo.  he is losing his hair little by little.  his happiest time, now, is first thing in the morning - a wide awake boy.  he loves lying on his back and kicking.

i feel like i am more "in the swing of things" as a mom of two.  each day just seems to go a bit more smoothly...mostly because harrison is now used to having his brother around and can be more patient while i'm nursing.  and because, as you see above, graham will finally accept a pacifier, which has helped him (well, all of us, actually) tremendously!

we are excited to spend Christmas as a family of four!


Courtney said...

that is awesome!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful boy :) you guys have good genetics - make them so cute! may you delight in your boys every day and be blessed with sleep! we hope Christmas was wonderful with your latest addition :) rachel o