Saturday, December 27, 2008

uncle zach

harrison LOVES his uncle zach!  back when i was working uncle zach would come to our house every friday to watch harrison.  they developed quite a bond.

this picture was taken when harrison was almost six months old, while we were in memphis. somehow, uncle zach always gets the biggest smiles out of our boy!

Christmas day was a lot of fun...mostly because uncle zach and papa (two of harrison's favorite people) came over to play!

and, now, uncle zach has TWO nephews that adore him!  (and, yes, i did dress my children in matching pajamas.  i mean i have to do it while they're young, right?!)

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Anonymous said...

Matching PJ's are great and not just for when they are young - Even Emma wore ones that matched my boys; now if you put Jer in them too...