Friday, December 19, 2008

yes, virginia, there is a Christmas card...

***updated with the photos i was actually able to take***

...but unless there's a Christmas miracle, it won't be arriving at your home by the 25th! 

i believe the white's will be spreading some post-holiday cheer this year.  thanks, in part, to a revelation that occurred while attempting to take a family photo.  

first, getting a picture of all four of us is impossible.  mostly because this would require that i dye my hair.  no, it's not vanity.  it's just the simple fact that no one wants to open a Christmas card and see 2 inch gray roots.  

so jeremy and i tried to get a picture of the boys (insert revelation here), only to find out that harrison only likes to "play with" his brother on his own terms.  when i try to set them next to each other in the chair - or, God forbid, actually put graham in his lap! - much wailing and gnashing of teeth ensues. 

it's as if harrison is screaming, "mom, he's touching me!" or "but, mom, he's on my side of the chair!"

thank God we do not have any upcoming road trips!


Anonymous said...

oh rachel! harrison is such a little man now - great photos.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Great photos - we will wait for the cards to arrive. Next year you can threaten to call Santa when the photos are taken, it works for well about the first two shots. :)