Wednesday, December 17, 2008

well, it's been a month (nov. 14-dec. 14)

love this picture.  this is still the face harrison makes when daddy tries to give him kisses.  i guess graham is simply following suit.
harrison in the thanksgiving feather hat that he made at school.  this was before "the sickness of 2008" struck our home.
this was during "the sickness of 2008" when grammy & papa brought us yummy thanksgiving leftovers to eat.  papa kept harrison occupied with stickers.  so much fun!  incidentally, grammy, papa and jeremy all caught the sickness.  i remained healthy...thanks in part to my OCD-like hand-washing behavior.
and graham slept peacefully through it all.  you can see how tired i am.  at this point jeremy and i had been awake for three days and two nights.
graham has blue eyes like his daddy.  (at least they have not changed color yet).  harrison's were extremely dark from day one and are now a deep brown like mine.  so, if all stays the same, we'll have one blue-eyed boy and one brown-eyed boy.  
the first snow.  harrison was far too captivated to look at me and smile.
the first bath together.
my big boy.  so cute in his fleece sweatshirt.  so sad that it's cold enough to need a fleece sweatshirt.
harrison loves saying "hi", giving kisses and touching graham.  for the most part he is very gentle.  except for the time when he bashed graham in the head with the remote control. 
but that was an accident...i think. 

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Christy said...

What beautiful boys you have. You and Jeremy should just be beaming with pride. (I'm sure you are.) So sorry to hear about the sickness. Glad it's over. I'm quite familiar with the being up for extended time periods thing. It is NOT good. Don't try to make any meaningful decisions on this kind of sleep deprivation. You cannot trust yourself. (: Lots of work to have 2 little ones isn't it? BUT, trust me, this time will be a distant memory all too soon. So, try to freeze frame every moment.
Love you!!!