Thursday, January 6, 2011

the banter of boys

two sweet real life conversations...

every thursday morning we do the same thing. graham and i quickly drop harrison off at school and proceed to race south of town to bible study. i drop graham off in his class (a task that has recently become MUCH easier) and go to my class. afterward, i load graham up and we race back north to pick harrison up from school. when all three of us are back in the car and headed home we tend to talk about our mornings...what we learned, what we did, what was our favorite thing.

THIS morning, on the way to bible study, i was praying out loud. since graham has difficulty with being dropped off, i always pray that he would have peace, be relaxed, have fun, and learn something. i was praying for each individual activity of graham's morning..."Lord, please teach graham something new in his bible story time. Lord, please help graham to have fun during play time. Lord, open graham's heart during quiet time. "Lord, i pray for..." and then, from the back seat, graham interrupted and finished my sentence..."snack time".

leave it to sweet graham-er to remember snack time! :)

incidentally, it was graham's very best drop-off yet! he had a fabulous morning and when i asked him what he learned at bible study he said, "cookies". ha! love that boy!

soooo, on the way home from harrison's school, with all of us back together again, i prompted our typical conversation. here's how it went...

harrison: tell me all about bible study, graham
graham: (not sure how to answer such a broad question) study
harrison: (not satisfied with that answer) what did you have for snack?
graham: cookies....chocolate chip cookies
harrison: you're spoiled rotten, graham

LOVE both these boys!!

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