Saturday, January 22, 2011

friends for life

every month or two i get a girl's night out with my friends amy and chelsea. we met at work in late 2004 and have since gone on to do other things. amy started her own business, chelsea took a year off after the birth of her daughter and has now started working in a new arena, and i am home with the boys full-time. we are all married, have kid(s), love eating great food and chatting about life. my dinners with them are always a pleasure!

harrison isn't all that familiar with amy - i think they've met one time. he knows "miss chels" better because we had occasional play dates during the year she wasn't working. even still, it's been quite a long time since he's seen chelsea in person. he simply knows that mommy leaves him home with daddy and graham so she can go eat dinner with her friends.

one day this week, during harrison's quiet reading time (formerly known as nap time), i went upstairs to check on him. upon entering, i found that he had moved the ottoman over to the armoire so he could climb up and get more books. dangerous? yes. did i scold him? no. why? i didn't want to squash his desire to read. :)

he choose one from my childhood - a dr. seuss book called "my book about me" - that i wrote/drew in back in 1984 when i was seven years old! i sat down next to him and started flipping the pages, explaining to harrison that i wrote this...and colored that...when i was a little girl. we had fun looking through the book together.

when we got to one of the last pages (the picture above) i said...

MOMMY: look at the picture i drew.
HARRISON: are those your friends?
MOMMY: i think so. (not remembering exactly what my drawing was supposed to depict)
HARRISON: are they amy and chels?

could be, sweet boy. could be. :)

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