Sunday, January 16, 2011

family photos

our sweet friend, leslie, took some photos of our family again this year. we are incredibly fortunate that she is willing to share her skills with us! her husband and jer's long time buddy, norg (aka jason norgren), came along to assist. his job was to sing, dance, make silly sounds, and pass out skittles (aka bribes) to the boys. here are just a few of the ones i love...

the colored version of the above was on our Christmas card this year. thank you, norg, for getting harrison & graham to giggle!

this was my very favorite of all of them. harrison's sweet smile was natural. i love that you can tell graham is saying "cheese", which he does every.single.time. we pull out the camera. and i love seeing his little gap teeth in this shot!

a candid moment.

a posed moment. love their shadows.

love the sun coming through the tree. can you see the boys' cowboy boots? they look pretty darn cute in those boots!

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sonja said...

Great Family Photos!!
Their boots remind me of this: When my mother-in-law moved to Texas, she simply HAD to buy cowboy boots and a cowboy hat for Jack every year. He used to wear his boots with everything! His funniest ensemble was with his ballet uniform. Miss Charlotte requires clothes to be worn over the uniform when entering and exiting her studio. He would wear his uniform (white t-shirt and black tights) with a pair of Gap cargo shorts over the tights and his cowboy boots!! :)