Thursday, January 20, 2011

our knight in shining armor

i got a little chuckle today when graham woke up from his nap and came down the stairs all by himself looking like this....

our tender-hearted warrior. :)

i wonder if our armed forces know that a boy's best friend in battle is his woobie?? and surely one cannot be without their binky!

you can see how graham drags his woobie around by a tear in the hem. he calls this his "little handle". he will turn his woobie around from corner to corner, running his fingers along the hem, saying, "where's my little handle?" until he finds it. and when he does, it makes him giggle with delight!

this little munchkin never fails to entertain us!


Helen Charlene Smith Pearman said...

Precious stuff, Rachel. Makes my heart smile.

sonja said...

Just adorable! And, oh, those tender days are so fleeting -- cherish every moment!!