Wednesday, June 3, 2015

life has been cray-cray around here

what's been up here at the white house is that we decided not to build a house, started searching for an existing home to buy in the denver metro area, worked toward getting our townhouse sale-ready, listed our townhouse, sold our townhouse, entertained the idea of moving to the dallas metro area instead of staying in denver, took a trip to dallas to check it out, bought a house in dallas, worked toward packing up and moving out of our townhouse and now, finally, we are spending the month of june at our condo waiting until the big move to texas.

all while finishing out the school year.

april and may were a whirlwind.

i ate all the bad things.  i did not exercise. i did not read. the children did not read. no one read. but there was a whole lotta tv-watching going on.


but now here we are in paradise. enjoying the fresh mountain air, soaking up the sunshine, listening to the hummingbirds whiz by the balcony, eating a bit healthier, getting some exercise, playing and swimming together and watching less tv.

we do have an ipad addiction that is causing havoc (just ask the g-man who had to go to bed early last night because he disobediently, sneakily played on the tablet).

i still haven't read anything but the kids are reading again so baby steps.


the boys and i took a walk through the national forest land that's across the street from our condo this morning. i took a couple photos of the tipi-like structures i discovered this past winter. it's cool to see them in spring...

winter. this is one of my favorite photos ever.


winter, view from the opposite direction. i promise it's the same structure - crazy how much the snow covers!!

i am so thankful for june. what a blessing to be able to take life a little slower this month!

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Leslie Norgren said...

So much fun and adventure in the mountains - the boys are going to have such wonderful memories of your stays there.