Sunday, June 7, 2015

our first hike of the season - lily pad trail 2015

saturday morning, june 6th, found us hiking to lily pad pond. 

there is a steep vertical at the trailhead but the view at the top is worth it and once you make that initial ascent the rest of the hike is easy.

at the top of that first climb we were greeted by a patch of snow and walking sticks. we each gladly grabbed a stick and left them behind in the same spot when we were finished.

this is what it's like when we hike...
graham is waaaaaaay up front, usually so much so that i cannot see him...

and jer and harrison bring up the rear. 

i stay mostly tucked in the middle, taking photos of things like these curlicue branches.

we meander quite a bit. i mean, other hikers get up and back before we even get up, know what i'm sayin? we stop to look at birds and build rock sculptures and investigate animal poop (mostly dog, occasionally deer, rarely moose) and take photos and have drink/snack breaks and complain about our feet and beg for piggyback rides. 

our favorite part is BRIDGES!

and signs!

cute boys.

when you get to the end of the trail there is a small pond full of lily pads and a separate, larger lake. the lake is in the background in the jeremy's and my selfie above. jer was squeezing my toosh. that's why he's smiling so big. usually he smiles like this...

i should let him grab my arse more often, huh? 

and those, my friends, were the best moments from our hike to lily pad pond.

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