Monday, June 8, 2015

life lately

we've slept at the condo twelve nights in a row. that's the longest stretch we've ever stayed here i think. in some ways it's weird to not have a house in the city to go home to. in some ways it's lovely to fully commit to mountain living. mostly i miss our friends and neighbors.

we were blessed to have some sweet friends drive up to see us today. we met them at the park, ate lunch together, went for a hike and even carved out a few minutes to swim. we managed to cram an entire day into a few hours and it was really fun.

jeremy had to work yesterday (sunday) so the boys and i drove over the dam road (dillon reservoir), parked along the side of the road (where the locals do) and walked to a fantastic spot on the shore of the lake. we played there for a couple hours, building rock sculptures, digging out and filling up a moat, skipping rocks, and even following a pair of moose tracks that were left in the wet sand not long before we arrived. i left my phone in the car on purpose so no pictures.

that afternoon while the boys were resting i went out for a solo walk, half way down buffalo mountain and then halfway back up. it was three miles exactly, but more uphill than down because of the route i took. my legs were very happy to reach home.

saturday night the boys thought it would be a good time to set up a tent in the middle of the living room. we had to stack the ottomans onto the couch and push the couch back a couple feet (blocking the entrance to the bathroom which was super convenient) to make it fit.

here's a family bedtime selfie. harrison didn't want to act silly with us so he hid behind his book.

they slept uneventfully through the night and woke up happy! although graham did take a two hour nap sunday afternoon so i'm not sure it was the best quality sleep. of course now they want to keep the tent up forever. lord help me.

in other news, harrison and graham have been at each other's throats. perhaps it's the transition of moving that's been difficult on them? or all the tv watching they'd been doing? or now living in a 700 square foot condo? whatever the case my new policy is to assign chores each and every time they fight. it seems to be working so far but i'll keep you posted.

i have also been doing my best to provide plenty of activities to keep us busy...and some separate play time too. psalm 133:1 how good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity. it truly is so beautiful when they get along!

these two brothers, born on easter sunday, seems live together pretty well...

see their cute little side-by-side tooshies?  these guys live just up the block from our old house in denver.

well, i'm off to cook some dinner. steak and salad with blue cheese dressing (for jeremy because blue cheese is just ew).

later taters.

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