Saturday, June 6, 2015

my morning walk

the forecast suggested rain so i laced up my sneakers early.
the air was brisk, my pace not so much. 

the trails were muddy from last night's storm so i stuck to the streets.
i chose a direction i hadn't traveled before. 
there's the summit of buffalo mountain. 
maybe one day i'll be brave enough to hike to it. 

i found this guy walking nearby. 
when he spotted me he stopped and posed. 
i know they say wise old owl and clever as a fox but this guy seemed wise. 
to my ways, at least.

there were twisty trees.

ouch i've got a kink in my back.

there were scenic views.

there was a curved road that lead me back toward home. 

there was even a secret shortcut. 
but i walked right on past. 
why curtail the morning's offering? 

a walk along mountain roads is surely a privilege.
but everyone has trees and rocks. 
dew and dandelions don't discriminate. 
beauty is all around us. 
get outside and soak some up.

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