Friday, June 5, 2015

where oh where has my iphoto gone? and other questions about life

i could have sworn i had uploaded some images (christmas photos maybe?) and edited them on my macbook air but now the only photo software i can find is called photos (not iphoto) and it has jackcrap in the way of editing ability. so i'm bewildered.

was iphoto ever on this laptop? was that only in my imagination?

these are the questions that plague me.

i have a couple hundred photos from a family reunion last weekend that need to be edited. do i upload them to dropbox as is and let everyone edit their own? or do i make everyone wait until i can find my dang iphoto and actually sit down to process them before i upload?

it was a reunion for jer's side, by the way. his aunt jenny was in town from arkansas so the colorado cousins drove to denver and hung out for the afternoon. it was lovely.

a photo of the cousins. unedited of course.

today we closed on our house in texas. we found out at the last minute that i had to drive down the mountain to wire transfer our closing funds in person. not convenient. i jumped into the car, made the drive, transferred the money and drove back up the hill just in time to meet jeremy at the title company.

we signed the documents and went on our merry way. rather anti-climactic if you ask me.

does this mean we are officially texans??

when we got back up to the condo the conversation went like this:

me: well boys we just bought a house. that's what we were doing when we signed all those papers.
graham: i know.
me: so now you'll have a yard to play in.
harrison: but it's not a big yard.
me: it's big enough for a dog and a trampoline.
harrison: but it's not big.
me: let's just see how big you think it is when you're the one who has to mow it.


haters gonna hate.

did i just quote taylor swift?

today was national donut day but it was a bummer for us because no donut shops in summit county offered freebies. i did take the boys to city market to get a discounted donut (25 cents is about as close to free as you can get...but it's a grocery store donut, not a donut shop donut) so the day was (somewhat) redeemed.

what i'd really like to know, though, is when the heck will it be national gluten-free donut day? huh? anyone?

help a sister out.

this page from charlotte's web - a conversation between sheep and rat - is one of the best things i've read ever.

do you agree?

we bought a new hummingbird feeder for the condo but the poor dears cannot figure out how to eat from it. they fly up and hover for a few seconds only to fly away confused. i'm sure they're humming secret messages to their friends about how lame our balcony is.

why in the world can't the hummingbird feeder design people create a feeder that is both functional and beautiful?

i do believe that's all the randomness in my head this evening. i hope you lovelies have a fantastic weekend. and if you've got answers for any of my crazy questions - and especially if you know where i can get a gluten-free donut - leave me a comment! lord knows i could use all the help i can get.

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RACHEL said...

Miss V enjoys gf donuts we get from Sprouts. No recollection of the brand, but they are vastly improved if they are heated in the oven for a little bit. And your internal thoughts are awesome :)