Monday, February 25, 2008

i'm never leaving town again!

well, i survived!  and so did my boys.  they did experience very good daddy/baby bonding time. HOWEVER....harrison has developed the worst diaper rash known to man.  i could detail my frustrations about this, but i'll refrain.  i'll just say this... is it impossible to pick up the phone and dial the 24-hour nurse hotline to get help while mom's away???!!!

so, turns out, it's not just a simple diaper rash.  it's a yeast infection. which is now spreading all over harrison's body.  i am home from work today because harrison needs to have his diaper changed every hour, complete with air-drying the tooshie and applying the appropriate ointment (depending on what i find when i change the diaper).  also, he needs to be bathed in baking soda and water three times a day. followed by another "air-dry" and ointment application. seriously.

needless to say, my little "get-away" (which really was NOT a get-away by any stretch) is now LONG GONE.


Christy said...

O... poor Harrison. I'm so sorry. Daddies keep kids alive... they just don't have those "mommy instincts". Poor Jeremy, I'm sure he feels bad. Don't worry, you'll feel confident to leave town again one day. Just maybe not anytime soon. And next time, leave on a REAL get away...not a job. Right? (:

Becky said...

I'm so sorry!

rachel white said...

christy, i just had to laugh about how daddies keep kids true! : ) i guess this whole situation is really kind of funny. it all makes for good memories, i suppose. and it keeps me ON MY KNEES!!!

Dalene said...

Ha Ha...Rachel... you are quite possibly the most positive person I know. You make me giggle. "Good Memories?" This reminds me of the SNL episode, "Is this funny 'ha-ha', or Is this funny 'strange'?" Harrison will be FINE (but I'm sorry he's suffering), and this is totally normal to figure out how far we stretch (and what our limits are) as moms and dads. TRY to semi-enjoy your time home with Harrison. Sorry...I agree with Christy--take a REAL getaway!