Wednesday, February 6, 2008

super harrison

i know that harrison is awake in the mornings when i hear him banging on the walls of his crib. it is his happy way of saying "let me out!  let me out"!  i always go in to find him with a huge smile on his face.  

this morning was one of the best yet.  last night i put one of my tank tops in his crib with him. (i usually put a t-shirt in...and, yes, i got this idea from a friend who was trying to crate train her new puppy. something about the scent of mama makes for a peaceful night.) anyway, last night it was a tank top.  jeremy and i found him this morning, standing in his crib, with his arms through the arm holes of the tank top!  both arms! (as if he was putting on a coat) ...and the length of the tank top hung down his back and dragged on the floor behind him like a cape.  i have no idea how he accomplished such a feat, but it was the sweetest, cutest moment!

jer and i rolled with laughter, which made harrison even more happy.  he was so proud.  of course, he didn't know WHY he was proud, which made it even more endearing.  

so now i have awesome ideas for future halloween costumes!  super harrison, bat harrison, what other super heros wear capes??

if only i had the camera... because the picture would be worth more than all these words.  i sure did need that laugh this morning.  what a way to start the day!


Christy said...

Oh what a fun moment! I sure wish we could see him. All the pictures of him are adorable. Thanks for blogging. It is so fun and it keeps me connected even when I don't have time to be. (:

Love you!

Robin said...

A blogger are you!!! You are way cooler than I am. so good to hear from you and get a glimpse into your lives that I miss so much. You are making a great mommie! Love, Robin