Tuesday, February 26, 2008

happy tuesday

thanks to 5 baking soda baths and too many diaper changes to count, harrison's bottom is now looking much better.  it's not cured, but progress has been made.  the rest of his body is completely rash-free now, so i cancelled his doctor's appointment.  why pay $20 to have the doctor tell me to do what i'm already doing?  we may need to visit a psychotherapist, however, because harrison is going to grow up having nightmares of his mean mother attempting to hold him down and spread ointment all over his tooshie.  the last 48 hours may have scarred him for life.

on a lighter note... i think my child grew three inches overnight. maybe baking soda is a growth stimulant?! : )  he woke up this morning with his toes peeking out through his pajamas!  


Becky said...

Did he poke holes in his pjs? He's adorable. Glad he is better. Too bad he is not old enough to potty train; the trauma may have helped.

Christy said...

Those growth spurts are amazing aren't they. It's literally a measurable difference some days. WOW. He is getting so big! Trust me, he won't remember any of those "ointment moments" and I'm sure he's more comfortable!
I remember Forest having a bad rash at first because his skin was so sensitive. He even had a couple of blisters!! (so sad) It was new to me since I had never had one early with that sensitive skin. (: Anyway, Glad he's better!!

Dalene said...

I want to chew on his cute toes. I love toes peeking through pajamas, "too-short" pants, and shirts with holes in them. Reminders to keep loving them while we can, because they do grow so fast! You're obviously cherishing every moment, and I LOVE hearing about it.