Wednesday, February 27, 2008

lunch with friends...and other tidbits

i met amy and chelsea at whole foods today for a quick lunch.  we love their salad bar - really healthy and so much variety!  it's always great to get away from the office and participate in some down-home girl talk!  and they are two of the most positive, up-lifting, yet REAL people i know here in denver.  good times. 

only four more days of work and then i'm done, done, done.  of course, then the real work begins. no such thing as a "stay at home" mom.  i think it should be coined a "work at home" mom.  and i must admit i'm a bit nervous to begin my new full-time job.  i expect it to be the hardest, but most rewarding, thing i'll ever do. 

harrison has been doing some very cute things lately.  he plays a sweet little version of hide and seek.  or maybe it's a graduate version of peek-a-boo.  in either case, he'll crawl behind the chairs in the living room and he'll wait there until i come "find" him.  makes my face smile and my heart melt!  

and now he KNOWS when he's doing something cute.  he especially picks up on it when i laugh at him.  he stops what he is doing, turns to face me, and gives me a huge eye-squinting grin.  the kind that says, "you think i'm SO cute and i know it" or "i'm SO proud of myself because i made mama laugh".  frankly, who cares what he thinks or knows...i just want to freeze that cheesy grin forever!  : ) 

and, finally, probably due to all the recent "air-drying", harrison has found his winky.  this, in itself, is not all that exciting - to me or to harrison.  what IS funny is jer's reaction to harrison's new discovery!  i don't think i've ever seen a father more proud of his son.  i mean, what is it with men and their winkies????!!!  my mind will be forever baffled by this strange phenomena.


Becky said...

You're cracking me up with the word "winky"!!!

I did not know you were going to stop working - how exciting!!! I'm glad you will be able to be home with Harrison. He will love having you there, and you will love being there!

Christy said...

I can't wait until you're home. You are going to love it. Yes, it is work and it has lousy pay will love it. I promise. Glad you got to have lunch with friends. That is always a good thing.

BTW, no clue when Parker grew up. I have the same question!!! Believe me, it happens over night.

Dalene said...

What's a "Winky?????"